Kensington MicroSaver Retractable Keyed Laptop Lock (K64538US)

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Kensington MicroSaver Retractable Keyed Laptop Lock (K64538US) Description

Product Description If your computer is stolen, it’s not just the computer that you may be missing. Theft or loss of a computer or data storage medium, make up 54% of all identity theft-related data breaches. Now you can protect your notebook from theft¿and save space in your bag. The Kensington MicroSaver® Keyed Retractable Notebook lock retracts in seconds to travel easily. Specifically designed for the mobile professional, this lock combines premium notebook security with a portable design. Works with 99% of all notebooks via the Kensington Security Slot. Online registration makes it easy to retrieve lost combinations. From the Manufacturer Deter thieves from stealing your notebook and the personal information on it. Patented T-bar locking mechanism and super-strong carbon tempered steel cable provide maximum protection that attaches to the standard Kensington security slot found in 99% of notebooks. Secure, protect and lock down your computer and leave it safe. Kensington Lock Comparison Chart ClickSafe ClickSafe Master Keyed -On Demand ClickSafe Anywhere ClickSafe Twin MicroSaver Micro DS MicroSaver Retractable Model Number K64637WW K64663US K64661WW K64638WW 64068F K64590US K64538US Key Type / Lock Type Flat / Disc Style Flat / Disc Flat / Disc Flat / Disc Round / Barrel Flat / Disc Round / Barrel Security Anchor Locking Security Slot / T-Bar Locking Cable Length 6′ 6′ 6′ & 4′ 5′ 8′ 6′ 6′ 4′ Master Key Available Number of Devices Secured 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 Lifetime Warranty

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